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Upselling Tue, Aug 23, 2011
I bought a cell phone from a physical store recently, and I fully expected to be upsold to.  Sure enough, I was offered more minutes, a case, insurance, etc.  That makes sense.  Salespeople work off commission, so the more they sell, the more they make.  And I simply walked in off the street.  I didn't pre-order or pre-pay or anything like that.  To them, I was a holder of money, looking to part with said money. 

I also rented a car recently, and like I do every time, I forgot how much they'd try to upsell me.  A bigger car, prepaid gas, GPS, satellite radio, etc.  But unlike the cell phone experience, I didn't just walk in off the street.  I had a reservation, and I chose exactly what I wanted with the exact options I wanted.  I was provided a price quote, and I provided a credit card number in return.  Not to mention the fact that I was traveling for business, and my employer sets the price I can spend on a vehicle, so no amount of upselling could possibly make me change my mind. #business

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