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Tax incentives Fri, Feb 25, 2011
We were thinking about getting a new heating system for our house, and one of the vendors mentioned that we had just missed out on a tax incentive where we could've claimed something like a $5000 deduction.  At first I was disappointed because I'm a big fan of deals, and missing a deal is worse than not knowing there was a deal in the first place.  But then I realized that a deduction on our taxes really isn't much of an incentive.  For some reason my mind equates "tax incentive" with "saving money," and while that's technically what happens, it doesn't mean I pay $5000 less for a home heating system.  It means I pay taxes on $5000 less than what I would normally pay taxes on, which doesn't really mean anything to me.  In other words, tax incentives are hardly incentives at all. #money

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