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Animal greetings Wed, Feb 16, 2011
The pets that live in my house have typical animal-to-animal greeting patterns: 
  1. Fear.  What the hell is that?
  2. Sniff.
  3. Caution.  It smells like a rabbit.
  4. Sniff.
  5. Surprise.  Holy crap, it's a rabbit.
  6. Sniff.
  7. Disdain.  I've lost interest.
That seems to be a pretty tried and true system for the animal kingdom.  The thing that doesn't make sense is why my pets do this not merely every day, but many times every single day.  I guess animals aren't good at facial recognition, or butt recognition, or whatever it is they use to identify other members of their kind.  But they seem to have no problem recognizing the humans, and more specifically, which human feeds them at 5:30 am, and which human kicks them off the bed when they get annoying.  This animal recognition thing was even more weird when there were only two cats living in our house.  How hard can it be to remember the fact that the other cat you see is the same cat you've seen your entire life, the cat you were born next to, the cat you've grown up with, the only other cat you've really ever interacted with. #nature

Extra cell phone minutes Wed, Feb 16, 2011
In order to prevent the hemorrhaging of their dissatisfied customer base, AT&T is giving 1000 rollover minutes to its iPhone users.  As on outside observer, this sounds like the least appealing deal I've ever heard of.  Who uses a cell phone to make calls?  And even if they do, who actually gets close to their maximum minutes per month?  In the 8 years I've had a cell phone, I can't remember a time when I used even 50% of my allotted minutes. #technology