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Christmas break from work Thu, Dec 23, 2010
Here's something they don't tell you when you're a kid:  Ya know how awesome Christmas break is?  A week (or more) off from school, playing with your new toys and eating cookies all day?  Yeah well that stops once you start working.  And it's not just that you no longer play with toys and can't afford to eat cookies because they'll put you over your calorie limit.  It's that, unless you have a really good reason to take an entire week off form work between Christmas and New Year's (e.g. progeny, illness, etc.), you'll probably spend at least a few days back at work during that time, making both holidays essentially just glorified three-day weekends.  And not that there's anything wrong with a long weekend.  It's just that it's a letdown.  You're thinking, "Wee!  Christmas is in a few days!"  And then a few days later you're thinking, "Un-wee!  Back to work!" #business

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