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Military pride Tue, Dec 21, 2010
I think one of the most favorable advancements in the history of America is the idea of military pride, i.e. respecting people who serve in the military and paying them a decent salary.  From a logical viewpoint, fighting in wars for often questionable causes shouldn't elicit a favorable response.  Most people aren't willing to die for something they don't at least believe in, if not wholeheartedly support.  But because our nation has a rich history of military success and valor, serving in the military is seen as honorable, even wise.  I'm not smart enough to know of specific examples, but I'm under the impression that certain countries at certain periods throughout history have treated their soldiers poorly and viewed them as expendable cogs in the kingdom-building machine.  This is a good way to decrease the size of one's military.  A good way to increase the size of one's military is to value them, respect them, and glorify them. #sociology

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