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Ferret hatred Thu, Aug 26, 2010
Whenever I go to the pet store to pick up supplies for our army of mammals (2 cats, 2 rabbits, several stray dust bunnies), I like to check out the little cages with rodents either sleeping in piles or feverishly running in a squeaky wheel.  I had some rodent pets when I was growing up, and I always like to watch them do their thing, but not enough that I actually want to invite yet another mammal to live in our house.  But most pet stores also have a ferret section, and for a variety of reasons, I hate ferrets.  I despise them.  They're disgusting, repulsive animals.  For one, they stink.  All animals smell to some degree, but ferrets have a certain specific stench which I personally find offensive.  Second, they seem to have lots of teeth.  Sharp ones.  And claws.  I don't have much experience with ferrets, but it seems like they wouldn't play nice.  And finally, they're long and slithery like snakes.  There's just something about their body shape that makes my skin crawl.  In conclusion, if you give me a ferret for my birthday, it'll probably end up on the grill. #nature

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