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Rental car features Wed, Aug 25, 2010
I keep accidentally getting rental cars without cruise control.  This is mildly problematic because I can't think of a time when I rented a car and didn't drive it for less than three hours straight on a highway.  I realize cruise control is a luxury and I should be able to hold down the accelerator for an extended period of time without my foot falling asleep.  My most recent rental car also lacked a pretty standard amenity:  Power door locks.  The car I drove in high school had manual locks and manual windows, so I understand how these archaic things work.  But when renting a new car from a reputable place, I expect more than a tape deck and a hand-crank engine.  When I stopped at a gas station and went inside to get a drink, I fumbled around for a few minutes trying to find the automatic lock button.  It wasn't on the door, or the center console, or the keychain.  Then I realized I had to lock all the doors by hand.  Hey rental car, 1990 called; they want their lack of technology back. #travel

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