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Belief and behavior (3) Fri, Jul 30, 2010
I once heard someone say, "We communicate our values."  Another person put it this way:  "We act out our beliefs."  Craig Groeschel, pastor of LifeChurch.tv, told this story in one of his sermons
What you believe determines how you behave ... For example, one time, when my oldest son Sam came running in, throwing up into his hands ... *blechghchgh* and he said, "Daddy, Bookie is eating his poop!"  So I ran past Sam who was throwing up in his hands and ran into the room where there was little Bookie, my second son, with dark stuff all over him.  And I threw up, not in my hands.  It was like, violent, vomiting.  It went well beyond my hands.  It went everywhere.  So Sam's in throw-up, I'm in throw-up, and so we did the only thing we could do, which was call for Mom ... She came busting in, by all the throw-up, and there was Bookie with the dark stuff.  And she just went up to him and wiped off the smudged Oreo cookie which was on his face.  Wasn't poop; it was Oreo cookie.  But we believed it was poop, and so it affected us as if it were poop.
That's probably the best sermon I've ever heard.  And he makes an excellent point. #psychology

One wrong word (4) Fri, Jul 30, 2010
I've noticed that most people have a tendency to regularly pronounce at least one word completely wrong.  And not because they have an accent or a speech impediment or a lack of education, but simply because something went wrong in their speech development to cause them to fumble over just that one simple word.  For example, I have a friend who pronounces the word "awkward" as "ock-ward," except with a huge emphasis on the "ock" part.  One might say he pronounces it "awkwardly."  The pastor of my church, besides using the annoying yet dictionary-approved pronunciation of "mature" as "ma-tyoor" (I say "ma-choor," and what I say is always right), pronounces the word "ordinary" as "awww-dinary," which comes out in sentences like, "The love of man is awww-dinary, while the love of God is extra-awww-dinary."  One might say his unusual pronunciation is a little out of the "ordinary."  I knew a girl in high school who pronounced "frustrated" without the first R, making it "fustrated."  One might say it was a little "frustrating" to hear.  Finally, my aunt says "goff" instead of "golf," which is something I absolutely can't figure out how to include in a pun. #language