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Hotel power outlets Thu, Jul 22, 2010
I stayed in a Hampton Inn the other night that seemed to be hell bent on preventing me from using the electricity I was paying for.  I had to charge my phone, so I looked for an outlet near the desk.  No deal.  I looked for an outlet near the TV.  No deal.  I looked for an outlet near the bedside table.  No deal.  There was a clock radio on the bedside table, and this device was powered by electricity that came from the wall.  I followed the plug to the wall, moving the mattress in the process, only to discover that the plug was wedged between the wall and the metal bed frame.  It was 7 am, so I wasn't sufficiently warmed up to be doing any heavy lifting.  I finally settled on the outlet in the bathroom, despite the fact that water and electronics don't typically play nice.  This hotel stay was such a contrast to the Marriott Courtyard I stayed in last weekend, which had outlets everywhere I looked, and even light switches that didn't require me to bend over and fumble around underneath a lampshade.  Two conclusions:  (1) I'm picky; (2) some hotels are built to provide maximum aggravation and minimum creature comforts. #travel

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