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Morning routine Fri, Jun 18, 2010
One of my former boss's boss's bosses was a VP of something, so he wore a tie to work.  I casually asked him if there was an official dress code, i.e. do I have to wear a tie, too?  He said he didn't realize he was even wearing a tie.  He gets up in the morning, drives to work, and magically has clothes on which include a tie.  His morning routine was so automatic that he essentially had no control over what he did, which was fine because he always ended up wearing a tie. 

I feel the same some mornings when I'm about halfway to work, look down and realize, hey how about that, I remembered to clip my ID to my pants, and oh right, I remembered to put on pants.  I have no recollection of assembling myself, but somehow it got done, which is good because otherwise it would be a little awkward. #business