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Thanks and thanks (2) Fri, Apr 16, 2010
One of my most common responses when somebody thanks me is to thank them back.  It's not because I'm a nice person; it's because the typical response of "You're welcome" just doesn't feel right.  When I buy something from a store, the cashier usually thanks me for shopping at their store.  I never feel comfortable saying, "You're welcome," so I say thanks back, i.e. "Thanks for being a good cashier."  It's the same with the security people at work who check my badge.  They do their thing, then they say thanks, as in "Thanks for stopping at the guard shack and letting me check your badge instead of running me over with your car."  Again, I don't feel a "You're welcome" is appropriate, so I respond with a thanks, i.e. "Thanks for checking my badge."  When TV or radio shows interview a guest and thank them for being on the show, it always sounds awkward when the guest says, "You're welcome."  It's like they're saying, "I took time out of my busy schedule to share my important information with you, and for that, you should be thankful." #psychology