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Public pets (2) Fri, Mar 26, 2010
People often bring their dogs out in public, and passersby walk up to them and say things like, "Oh, you're such a beautiful dog," or "What breed is he?"  Dogs are good like that.  They act as companions and facilitate conversation.  But I don't have dogs.  I have cats.  And cats are all pretty much the same.  They're all roughly the same size and shape.  Besides that breed with the smooshed face, the only trait that's different among cats is color.  There's no such thing as a Shetland sheep-cat, or a Rhodesian ridge-cat.  Cats are pretty much either black, white, gray, orange, or some pattern or mixture of those.  So a cat isn't really a good conversation starter.  I think it would be fun to bring one of my cats in public, preferably on a leash.  Cats hate everything, and leashes are no exception.  The few stupid times I've tried to leash my cats, they just fell over and pretended their legs don't work.  (As an aside, cats are jerks.)  Also, cats are lazy.  They would much rather be doing nothing than something.  And cats don't like people.  They tolerate.  So if I brought my cat out in public, I would drag it down the road because it would pretend its legs didn't work, it would be completely uninterested in whatever was going on, whether there were people around or things to sniff, and it would get mad if anybody got near it.  I can just imagine a person coming up to me while "walking" my cat, and after a brief attempt at pleasantries, simply walking in the other direction with a disgusted look on their face.  "Why did you even bring your cat out in public?"  Maybe that's why I have cats.  If I wanted more friends, I'd get a dog. #nature

Mary Jane Mon, Mar 29, 2010
Hi Dave!  I used to bring Blackie to Sunrise "on a leash!"  He, I believe, was more dog or person, however.  He would just sit on the end of this enormous rope looking nonplussed by the whole thing, and people would mention things to me like, "Boy, you'd think you were holding a lion with that big rope," to which Blackie would just look at me with that "she's/he's an idiot" look.  He enjoyed his conversations with people and generally made their day a bit more bearable and happy.  Cats in public!

Dave Tue, Mar 30, 2010
Yeah but in general, Blackie was a pretty weird cat, so it fits.

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