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Don't touch sea life Mon, Nov 30, 2009
Whenever you go snorkeling or scuba diving, the tour guides and instructors will tell you not to touch the coral, both because it'll kill the coral and because it'll hurt the person (the former of course being more important than the latter).  Then there are sea urchins, whose black spiky things will break off in your skin and require you to pee on yourself to disinfect.  And be careful of lionfish because their stings are poisonous.  And of course watch out for fireworms whose bristles can cause skin irritation.  Yet stupid people get tired from swimming, so they rest by standing on coral.  As Wendy says, I hope they not only get scratched by coral, but that they sit on a sea urchin. 

I wish we could skip all the little rules and caveats and just agree that when you're in the ocean, don't touch anything.  That pretty much sums it up. #nature

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