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Politicization Wed, Oct 14, 2009
It's a shame that certain issues end up becoming politicized.  Like global warming.  I wonder if this topic would've become as polarizing if Al Gore wasn't its spokesperson.  What if it was Oprah instead?  Would we pay attention and treat it like a real thing?  Only if she hid prizes under our seats, I suppose. 

And, related but unrelated, why must we focus on the actions of the spokesperson?  Yes, Al Gore flies around the country in his jumbo jet, burning tons of carbon-based fuel so he can spread the message of the effects of carbon-based fuels on the environment.  In that respect, he's a hypocrite.  But that's beside the point.  Regardless of whether or not he follows his own advice, he's still making a valid point.  It sucks that everything comes down to political affiliation and finger-pointing. #politics

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