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Car store Tue, Oct 13, 2009
I think it's weird that in our capitalist country, we still go to a car dealership where we shop for a certain size car of a specific brand, as opposed to going to a car store where we might shop for a specific brand car of a certain size.  I realize there are complicated car company and dealership incentives involved, so it probably wouldn't make financial sense for a dealership to carry several car brands.  And I realize that things like the Apple store exist for the purpose of selling a single brand, and they do quite well.  But I still find it odd that I have to go to a Toyota store, look at the Toyota products, then drive across town to the Honda store to compare the Toyota products to the Honda products, then drive over to the Ford store and compare all three.  It would be much easier (for me) to just go to my local car store, peruse the various offerings by Toyota, Honda, and Ford, and make my decision.  To make it easier and more affordable for dealers, they could have separate stores for cars, trucks, and minivans, since customers typically don't go in to buy a car and come out with a truck. #money

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