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Cough on my sandwich, lady (1) Thu, May 28, 2009
I went to ShopRite for lunch because I'm a fan of their pre-made wrapped sandwiches.  They're not great, but they're not bad, which is a sad reason to keep doing something.  Moving on.  An older lady arrived at the sandwich station about 6 milliseconds before me, much to my chagrin.  She coughed into her right hand, then used that same hand to pick up a sandwich.  I thought, "Oh great, a coughing old lady near my sandwiches.  I wish this could happen every day."  I figured she would leave, but no, she coughed some more, this time without covering her mouth, then picked up another sandwich for comparison.  Then she coughed some more, not like a disgusting hacking cough, but more of a light germ-spreading cough, all of which occurred in such a way as to spread the maximum amount of germs on the maximum number of sandwiches.  Even though the sandwiches are wrapped, I have a general understanding of the dynamics of human germ proliferation and sandwich touching.  I wasn't about to let this lady ruin my lunch, so I waited until she left then chose the sandwich furthest from the coughing epicenter and went on my way.  It's one of those things that's such an obvious no-no (the coughing over food, not the taking of a coughed-on sandwich), it makes you wonder how humankind has survived this long.  We're such disgusting idiots. #food