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Ignorant arguing Wed, May 27, 2009
I really can't stand when people argue about things they don't fully comprehend.  There are these two guys at work who usually start up a little discussion sometime each day which typically goes something like this: 
Guy 1:  Did you hear about [this completely stupid thing]?  I think it means [this completely ridiculous conclusion]. 
Guy 2:  I heard it means [this other completely ridiculous conclusion]. 
Guy 1:  I hadn't considered [that completely ridiculous conclusion], but I think I'm right because I think I heard it somewhere. 
Guy 2:  I think I'm right too because I think I read it somewhere, though I have no actual data upon which to base [my completely ridiculous conclusion] and no credible sources with which to back up my lack of data. 
Me:  I wonder how many crayons I would need to stick up my nose before my brain would rupture and I would be prevented from hearing this. 
Just admit it, neither of you is the slightest bit sure of what you're talking about, so just take 14 seconds and Google it so you at least have a partially basic understanding of the things you know nothing about.  I'm not saying the citizens of the world need to be experts about everything, and I'm not saying it's a horrible thing to be ignorant on a certain topic.  But just admit it.  Come to terms with your lack of knowledge and say, "You know what?  Before I continue to spew my informationlessness and utter lies, I'll shut my damn mouth and look it up." #psychology

No more words Wed, May 27, 2009
Stephan Pastis, author of the comic Pearls Before Swine, blogged about his recent experience on a plane
Flew back from Hollywood yesterday and wanted to let you know that if any of you are having trouble speaking today, I know why.

The woman sitting across from me on the plane used up all the words.
This is even funnier if you read the comic and know a little bit about the character of Rat.  Pastis recently said this:  "Rat's voice is effectively my voice.  If I could, I'd write for Rat every day." #psychology