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Speech impediments on the radio (1) Wed, Apr 15, 2009
It strikes me as odd that several people on the Chicago Public Radio show This American Life have speech impediments, including host Ira Glass, whose form of rhotacism (I think) make him subtly substitute "w" for "l", and Starlee Kine, whose lisp sounds like her tongue is simply too big for her mouth.  Also of note are the fact that Ira Glass has a very unusual cadence to his speech, almost as if he was once an alien who later learned to use inflection and accents, and the fact that many guests have a ridiculous mumbling problem.  As a radio show, there's no visual, just vocal, so I would expect it to sound better than a bunch of kids talking into a tape recorder.  Either way, what a cool show.  Currently my favorite podcast. #entertainment

Rus Thu, Apr 16, 2009
Although I haven't noticed Ira's rhotacism, it is definitely a cool show...and he does have a weird cadence.  I told someone the other day, he makes "geeky" sound cool.

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