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Sensory disorder (3) Fri, Feb 06, 2009
I'm pretty sure I have Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Asperger syndrome, Autism, or some sort of combination of the three.  I haven't decided which category I fit into best.  I certainly have "significant difficulties in social interaction and restricted, stereotyped patterns of behavior and interests" that comes with AS, and a recent revelation shows that I can't function in the presence of loud noises.  As I write this, several workmen are banging hammers on the floor above my desk in a seemingly random pattern, and I briefly considered quitting my job because of it.  Also, it hurts my ears to hear Wendy cough, I must be near the remote that controls the volume on the TV in case of a loud commercial, and the sound of a dog barking loudly indoors almost made me cry.  I like reading about psychological disorders.  It's fun to try to figure out what's wrong with me. 

Update:  Also, smell.  I can't go into places like the Yankee Candle store because I get overwhelmed by the plethora of smells. #psychology

Mary Jane Sun, Feb 08, 2009
Hi David!  Well, I've had two Asperger's kids in the past couple of years, so I might safely say that you do not have Asperger's.  One question: Do you freak when people hug you or touch you?  That's a biggie, too.  I would characterize you more as mild Social Anxiety Disorder with a sensitivity to noise and smells.  I have the smell thing - think it comes from Grandpop.  Watch "The Big Bang Theory" Monday nights - Sheldon is definitely Asperger's.  More later.  MJ

Rus Wed, Feb 11, 2009
Yes, watch "The Big Bang Theory."  Arguably the funniest "non-reality" show on Television right now.

Dave Wed, Feb 11, 2009
I've seen it a few times.  I find myself identifying very strongly with those geeks.

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