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All-powerful God and logic Fri, Jan 30, 2009
Most Christians believe in an omnipotent, or all-powerful, God.  Regardless of whether there really is a magical mystery man in the sky, the story goes like this:  He created the universe, parted the Red Sea, brought the dead back to life, etc.  As his title states, he's all-powerful, meaning there's nothing he can't do.  This particular aspect about him is his trump card.  How did all those animals survive on Noah's ark without their usual nourishment (like plants and other animals)?  Who knows, but God is all-powerful, so by definition, he could make it happen.  How did Jonah survive in the stomach juices of some big fish for several days without being chewed up or dissolved in the process?  Who knows, but an all-powerful God could make it happen. 

I bring up this fact at pretty much every Bible study I go to and every spiritual discussion I have.  I'm like Rain Man:  I focus on one simple detail and don't let it go.  Last night's example was about a coincidence.  If one person didn't happen to take the Saturday night shift on a whim two years ago, would he have met the girl who would later become his wife, who would encourage him to join a Bible study, the members of which are currently sitting in his living room?  The quick answer is that there's just no way the two would've met under normal circumstances.  Their paths wouldn't have normally crossed, and the girl was even planning on leaving the state for good in a few days.  It was a total coincidence that they met, and that a few years later, there would be a group of people discussing it on a Thursday night. 

But here's the trump card that, if you believe in an all-powerful God, you can't ignore:  If God is who we think he is, why do we always put limits on what he can and can't do?  Isn't he all-powerful?  Isn't he bigger than what we give him credit for?  Just because something is implausible, does that mean it's impossible for an everything-possible God?  The answer, logically, is no.  Since God is omnipotent, anything is possible.  Somehow or other, if it was part of God's plan, these two people would have met, gotten married, joined a Bible study, and invited us over last night.  It's like the Lost version of time travel:  You can't do anything to change what will happen.  Unfortunately that opens the can of worms dealing with free will, which is farther than I wanted to go with this. 

All this God stuff is hard to believe, but let's at least remember logic. #religion

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