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Ink and batteries Tue, Jan 27, 2009
I think it's weird that there are specialty stores devoted entirely to items that can easily be purchased at general purpose stores.  The two stores I keep seeing are InkStop and Batteries Plus, and the fact that I keep seeing new stores open in new locations suggests that they're successful enough to be expanding, even when our economy is in the crapper.  Upon further inspection, Batteries Plus seems to sell batteries for cell phones and digital cameras, not just the standard assortment of Duracells and Energizers.  But still, I haven't bought a single new nonstandard battery for an electronic device in my history of buying electronic devices.  Who exactly is keeping these stores in business?  Perhaps they're like The Wiz and Electronics Expo and they're funded by the mafia. 

Update:  A place called "The Bulb Store" just opened near me. #business

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