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See you next year Tue, Dec 30, 2008
I remember being in about third or fourth grade when I first heard someone say, "See you next year!" in reference to the arbitrary calendar event of December becoming January.  It boggled my mind.  What do you mean "next year"?  Are you moving to a different school?  Is school closed for the rest of the year?  What other explanation could there be for why you won't be seeing me until next year?  I don't underst--oh.  I get it.  That's funny. 

Like any kid, I used the saying a few times myself, joining in on the fun that is exposing other people's ignorance of calendar-based wordplays.  Oh the fun. 

Things changed sometime around, oh I don't, the age of 12, when the saying lost its affect on me.  See you nex--yeah yeah I understand.  It's funny.  Look how we're all laughing. 

For the life of me, I can't figure out why grown adults still say this to other grown adults.  "See you next year" should be "See you in one to two days, or whenever you come back from your work-sponsored vacation." #language

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