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Election 08 Tue, Nov 04, 2008
Some brief thoughts on the election: 
  1. I hope nobody wins.  That would be funny.
  2. I refuse to vote for a candidate other than one of the main two, because if I wanted to waste my vote on a person that definitely won't win, I just wouldn't vote at all.  It's sad that it has to be that way, but that's how it is.
  3. Two things I'd like Obama to change are the outrageous price of movie tickets, and the lack of availability of the NFL Network on my cable package.
  4. There was one person in line before me at 7am when I voted.  I almost turned around and walked out.  Just kidding.  It was the easiest experience of my entire life.
  5. I can't believe we don't yet vote online.  Instead we show up to obscure polling locations in the middle of nowhere (at least that's how my town works) and use strange machines.  Stupidest idea ever.  Do people still not trust the internet?  We trust the postal service to deliver our bank statements, but we don't trust the internet to register our vote securely.  Ridiculous.
  6. In reality, I don't think the person occupying the office of president has any effect on me whatsoever.  I can't be drafted into the military (or probably won't be), I'll always pay more taxes than I want to, and I don't buy things I can't afford (not that the president has anything to do with the financial crisis [though I'm sure the case can be made]).  Regardless of who wins this little contest, life will go on as usual.
  7. I can't ignore the fact that voting for a president is an extremely selfish act.  Everyone has their own core beliefs and values, and their vote will reflect those values, often at the expense of other people.  If I vote for a dude because I don't like paying taxes, I'm ignoring the fact that my taxes fund everything from the military to social security to public education to the police.  Right there I'm destroying the livelihood and wellbeing of pretty much every member of my family and every one of my friends, and all because I don't feel like paying taxes.  I'm such a jerk.
  8. It's funny how people get so worked up about this whole stupid election.  It's one thing to root for a candidate, but it's entirely different to get in arguments that lead to insults about people's personal appearance and intelligence.
  9. I think it's pretty clear that there will be a significant amount of unrest regardless of the outcome of the election.  If Obama wins, some ignorant racist will do something pretty stupid that will lead to a large-scale conflict.  If McCain wins, most democrats will likely leave the country for fear of Tina Fey eventually becoming president.  It's gonna be ugly either way.
  10. Update:  I can't stand the thought of having another person in power who can't properly pronounce the word "nuclear".
  11. Update:  I was amazed once again at the lack of identity verification at the voting place.  I simply had to state my name and sign a box.  No one checked my ID or asked me to verify anything even remotely personal.

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