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HD Wed, Oct 29, 2008
The term "high definition" is overused.  It makes sense for HDTVs because they're literally higher quality and resolution than their standard counterparts.  But for things like HD radio and HD camera lens filters (one of which I just bought recently), it's a misnomer.  HD radio is simply digital radio, and the HD camera lens filter is simply better than its previous version.  The inclusion of HD is both products' names is simply a sales tactic.  (Naysayers may point out that the sales tactic worked in the case of the camera lens filter, but I will say, "Wrong!  That was the only one in the store.") #technology

Sign holders (2) Wed, Oct 29, 2008
I don't understand the practice of retail stores employing people to stand on street corners holding signs that advertise the store's sale and clearance events.  My confusion is twofold:  (1) Why can't stores use traditional advertising techniques, like, oh I don't know, real signs, and (2) what kind of person accepts a job opportunity that entails holding a sign

I realize that the purpose of the temporary signs is to advertise a temporary event, so a traditional permanent sign would be no good.  Then why don't they just hammer a stake into the ground and hang a sign on it?  Is there some law against that?  Don't people do the same thing when they have garage/yard sales?  The idea of hiring a person to stand there and hold a sign is just ridiculous. 

And as for the type of person that might accept that job opportunity, I realize not everyone has the same expectations from and qualifications for a job as I do.  Not everyone is interested in health insurance and a 401k, and not everyone has a clean legal record.  But still, it seems like there are about 100 jobs I would take before I even considered the idea of standing around and holding a sign.  That's just me. #business