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Conception calculation (3) Mon, Oct 27, 2008
I know some people who have the extremely awkward habit of calculating the approximate date and most-likely special event that led to a person's conception.  For example, it will be stated that a person's birthday is in September, at which point said "conception calculator" will think for a few seconds then blurt out with a grin, "A Christmas baby, eh?"  This is especially uncomfortable when family is involved, which it almost always is. #math

Rus Tue, Oct 28, 2008
Thanks Dave.  My wife was born September 28th....I will never be able to look my in-laws in the eyes on Christmas again.

Dave Wed, Oct 29, 2008
You can thank my shorter half, Wendy.  She brings this up often, especially in front of my family and concerning my family.

Wendy Thu, Oct 30, 2008
I don't think it's gross. It's science.

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