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I'll drive (1) Thu, Aug 21, 2008
If given the choice, I'd rather be in the driver's seat than let someone else have it.  It's not because I think I'm a better driver (though I do think that).  And it's not because I'm a man so I can't let a woman drive.  It's entirely because I never feel comfortable leaving my personal well-being in the hands of another person, especially in a moving vehicle, where there's a non-zero chance of dying at any moment.  The thing is, driving is actually an extremely complicated thing that requires instant decision-making and absolute awareness of every aspect of our surroundings.  Sitting in the driver's seat, I know what I can and can't see, and I know that the actions I take are as a direct result of the inputs I'm currently receiving.  But sitting in the passenger's seat, I don't know what the driver knows.  I can't see what he sees.  Therefore, every decision he makes and every action he takes feels off to me.  It's not quite right.  And this makes my heart beat faster and my feet press harder on the floor, while I casually say, "Just let me know if you want me to drive," which translates into, "Pull this damn car over and let me drive; may you never get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle again."  So usually I try to occupy myself with a book or a crossword so I don't pay attention.  What I don't know can't hurt me. #travel

Rus Thu, Aug 21, 2008
I'm with you Dave...besides.  Drivers are always in the front seat and get to have full control of the stereo and thermostat.  :)

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