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Dog shoes (4) Fri, Jul 25, 2008
A good indication of the state of decay of our nation is something like this: 

Dogs with sweaters:  -1 star.  Dogs in carriers:  -3 stars.  Dogs with four little purple shoes:  -17 stars. #nature

Paw Prints Wed, Jul 30, 2008
These are not only for the puppies but so that if it is wet or rainy, the doggie doesnt run inside and get mud on the carpet!!



Dave Thu, Jul 31, 2008
Ok fine, I'll begrudgingly agree to that.  But in a bricklaid area on a dry, sunny day in the thoroughly paved city of Hoboken, NJ?  Those dog shoes aren't serving any practical purpose.

Rus Thu, Jul 31, 2008
But what if the pavement is too hot?  ;-)

Dave Fri, Aug 01, 2008
Get a Tabby Tote.  I'm sure it would fit a dog that size.

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