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Onion fantasy football Fri, Dec 28, 2007
The Onion has a great fantasy football league called Shattered Expectations
You get a chance to win big by picking the biggest losers of the week every week. If you can pick the biggest bunch of disappointments, let-downs, and general losers-of-the-week from our pre-picked pool of underperforming superstars, you win $500. Predict a perfect train wreck of a season - 17 weeks' worth of overpaid fumbles, over-hyped interceptions, and dismal underproduction, and earn $5000. All it takes is a cool, calculated sense of cynicism, a discerning eye for the overrated, and a willingness to trust that sinking feeling in your gut.
It's too late in the season to get anywhere with it at the moment, but I'll definitely be participating next fall. #sports

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