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Finals burnout Wed, Dec 05, 2007
After taking the final for my last grad class ever, I felt like I normally feel after taking a final:  Completely burnt out and numb.  I think this feeling happens for two reasons:  (1) I spent 2.5-3 hours working on complex math problems, and (2) I spent 2.5-3 hours doing anything.  It's one thing to do math problems, but it's another thing to do anything for several hours at a time.  Even when I'm busy, I'm still not very busy.  If I work for 10, 30, or 60 minutes on something, I usually end up moving onto something else, getting a phone call, answering an email, or doing something else that takes me away from my initial task.  My day is filled with things that detract from other things.  Alas, that's how things work.  But with a final exam, I don't have the option to do anything else.  I'm totally focused on doing the work, getting it done, and completing it in a certain amount of time.  No time is wasted, no time is spent on anything other than the exam.  It's 2.5-3 hours of totally focused time.  I think that's what really causes the burnout. #education

It is finished Wed, Dec 05, 2007
Tonight I completed the final exam for the last class of my graduate degree, thus signifying the end of classes, tests, thinking, and learning forever.  Here's to the rest of my life, where I try my hardest to forget everything I've learned up to this point. #education