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Roads without lines Thu, Sep 27, 2007
A road near my house was recently paved, after which it was left unlined for about 3 months.  It's funny how roads without lines incite such horrific driving, even from me. 

It's not a main road, and it never has any cops, so most traffic laws are disobeyed anyway.  But I noticed a definite shift in collective driving habits after the road was paved and before it was lined.  There are manhole covers every few feet, and they seem to line up perfectly with a car's passenger-side tires.  The simple solution is to drive in the center of the road, which isn't usually a problem because there isn't much traffic.  But the road is a little hilly, so you have to be careful as you approach a blind hill where another driving is probably driving in the center of the road just like you. 

But then just yesterday, they painted lines.  Immediately, I noticed a change in my own driving habits, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  When there are lines, people stay between them.  Those manhole covers?  You just have to hit them.  Otherwise, you'd be driving over the center lines, and that's just stupid. #travel