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Snake in the bathroom Thu, Aug 30, 2007
I have a few fears involving animals in unlikely locations.  There's the whole "spider under the toilet seat" story usually affecting people on overseas flights.  There's the "alligators in the sewer" story, usually involving a city with an underground sewer system.  And now there's a new one:  A snake in the bathroom.  The problem is, that last one just happened to me about 5 minutes ago. 

Actually, it happened to a guy I work with, but I went in the bathroom and confirmed that there was indeed a 4-foot-long black snake curled around a pipe under the sink.  As if I didn't have enough things to fear, now I have to worry about this one.  Some puzzling facts about this incident: 
  1. A snake got in the building.  It's not a bug or a mouse or any other relatively small creature.  It's a 4-foot-long black snake.  In comparison to a mouse, it's gigantic.
  2. The snake went into the bathroom.  Of course it couldn't have just stayed in the lobby or near the door.  It couldn't have slithered around the hallway or anything like that.  It went into the bathroom, where people are the most vulnerable.
  3. The snake reached the second floor bathroom.  Oh, did I forget to mention that part?  Yes, the snake somehow managed to climb 20 stairs.  I would like to call attention to the fact that snakes have neither arms nor legs.  Please, God, explain to me how a snake climbed stairs.
So there you have it.  A brand new fear, based on a real-life event that happened to me.  Thanks. #entertainment

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