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Online product reviews Thu, Jul 26, 2007
I'm a geek.  I buy gadgets.  Before any major gadget purchase, I look for product reviews.  Most times, Google doesn't do a very good job of finding product reviews.  It usually finds a few comparison shopping websites where Average Joe writes about his terrible experience buying it online and the subsequent time it took to collect the number of pieces formed when the product was dropped off a tall building onto a rock.  Average Joe is an idiot.  I don't drop my gadgets off tall buildings onto rocks.  I'm good with my gadgets, so I usually want a product review with a little more intelligence.  A great place for good online product reviews is CNET.  They usually have a pretty thorough writeup done by someone with more than half a brain.  The best part about it is that they'll say if a product sucks.  They're not the kind of company that's just happy to get free products from manufacturers so they'll give a good review no matter what.  CNET is big enough to not care about giving a product a bad review, and I've often found that I'd rather know why a product sucks than why it's great. #products

Sony Thu, Jul 26, 2007
I was looking at digital cameras at Best Buy today, and despite admiring a few of the Sony models, I almost certainly won't buy one.  I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again:  It's really stupid for a company to create its own data storage specification, making it incompatible with any other device on earth.  To use a Sony camera, I need a Sony MemoryStick.  That MemoryStick won't fit in any other device I own, including my phone, my laptop, or my desktop.  All those devices use Secure Digital cards, which really should be the de facto standard for portable media storage, in my opinion.  Sony's choice probably has something to do with their overseas market or something like that, but to me it just looks like a way to make more money. #technology