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Golf and gators (1) Tue, Jun 26, 2007
A guy almost lost his arm while trying to get his ball out of the water at a golf course in Venice, FL (via Obscure Store).  Oddly enough, my grandparents lived in the little town of Venice for 170 years (or it might've been around 25), and I played golf there a few times.  The rule on those golf courses, as with most Florida golf courses, is simple:  If your ball goes in the water, leave it.  Even if you can see it and it's only a few feet in, leave it.  You can get another ball.  You can't get another arm (actually you can, but that's not the point).  When I played, I saw several alligators sunning themselves right next to water traps.  It was cool to see such an unusual animal out in the open (unusual for a New Jerseyan), but it was also at least slightly mortifying.  Alligators are in the same category of animals as sharks, lions, bears, etc.  Things with teeth large enough and jaws powerful enough to snap your femur like a toothpick.  So when I hit my ball in the water (with me and golf, it's always a "when", not an "if"), I thought about reaching in and getting it.  My grandfather, aunt, and uncle said not to, but I said, "Look.  It's right there.  I can see it in the water."  They convinced me otherwise, and that's the main reason I'm still here today. 

The article mentioned above has a stupidly funny statistic:  "The attack was the second in 18 years".  Is that a lot?  Is that a little?  What am I supposed to think? #sports

MJ Tue, Jun 26, 2007
Hi David!  I loved your take on the gator article.  I, too, remember a couple of instances when you can "see" the ball and figure it's safe.  But better to "be safe than sorry," as they say.  Good memories of golf and Venice.

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