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Sensual music Mon, Jun 25, 2007
Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable when Marvin Gaye or Barry White comes on the radio in a public place?  It feels wrong in every imaginable way to be forced to listen to sensual music while shopping for fruit at the supermarket.  What's even worse is when people sing along.  Do you have any idea what the song "Let's Get It On" is referring to?  And by singing along with it in a public place, it makes it about 100 times worse, especially if you casually yet unintentionally make eye contact with me. 

My most awkward sensual music situation happened this past Friday when I was at the physical trainer trying to get rid of some elbow pain.  A large Dutch man was giving my arm a deep tissue massage, complete with lotion and everything.  Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" came on the radio, what with its "Baby I'm hot just like an oven" and its "I need some lovin".  I contemplated cutting my arm off and running out of there. #entertainment