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Pastor Thu, Jun 21, 2007
I just found out last night that my church has no qualification for calling someone "pastor".  This is a bit unsettling.  I was under the impression a pastor is someone who's been to divinity/theology school and has gone through some sort of certification process, the end result of which is the award of the title "pastor".  This is not the case at all.  Apparently, this title is used differently in different churches, and in our specific church, it's used to describe someone who's a leader of a specific ministry/group.  There's a senior pastor, an associate pastor, a youth pastor, a worship pastor, and a few others.  Most of these people and titles don't bother me.  But there's one specific pastor who I don't feel is qualified to be called pastor.  I don't know the guy too well, but I know he's around my age and has a degree in music.  That's about as far as our differences go.  And since I don't see myself as someone who should be called pastor, I don't feel this guy should be called pastor either.  I think the title of pastor carries with it a sense of spiritual leadership and religious know-how.  People go to pastors for help with problems, spiritual guidance, Bible questions, and things like that.  If you're just some dude who's in charge of a group, I think you should be called "the guy in charge of the group" and not "pastor". #religion

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