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eBay sucks (2) Tue, Mar 20, 2007
I was reminded again today why I don't like buying things off eBay:  Sniping.  Sniping is when somebody or some automated system places bids on an item seconds before the auction ends.  So some unsuspecting person like me could be winning an auction and then all of a sudden get outbid in the last 20 seconds and lose.  I hate it.  And I can just hear the geeks who won snickering and saying, "Sniping is what makes eBay awesome."  I say screw that.  I only use eBay for Buy It Now, which is still inferior to Amazon Marketplace.  Therefore, eBay sucks.  Buncha jerks. #technology

john Mon, Apr 16, 2007
amazon rules.
i hate ebay and paypal

Dave Wed, Apr 18, 2007
Thanks for your comments. 

Actually, I kinda like PayPal.  They have a pretty easy payment system where you don't have to give out your credit card number or bank information.  Even though eBay owns them, they're sort of separate things.

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