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Cold Thu, Feb 08, 2007
I like warm weather, so I'd like to move south one day.  But I'm sometimes scared that if I moved south, I'd lose the enjoyment of watching the seasons change.  This is about the 10th day in a row (it could be the 1st, 100th, or 1000th; it makes no difference) of single-digit temperatures in northwest Jersey, and I need to record my thoughts on cold weather so I won't forget them later.  Here are the top 10 reasons why I hate cold weather: 
  1. Having to warm up my car in the morning instead of spending the first 10 minutes of my commute in cold pain.
  2. The sound my car makes when it tries to start at 7°F.  "Ehhhhhnn ga chuuuunk"
  3. Not being able to drive with the windows down.
  4. Getting shocked every time I close my car door.
  5. Warm house » cold driveway » warm car » cold parking lot » warm office » cold something else.
  6. High heating/electric bills.
  7. Worrying about sealing windows and doors to keep cold air out.
  8. Having to keep all the doors closed to conserve heat.
  9. Taking a hot shower in an ice cold bathroom.
  10. Feeling my snots freeze when I breathe through my nose.

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