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Bible reading summary Sun, Dec 31, 2006
I'm done.  I finished reading the Bible in a year.  Similar to the halfway point, the second half went pretty well and I was able to stick to the plan.  Here are my thoughts and comments about this particular Bible-in-a-year system: 

The good
I got through the entire Bible, arguably one of the most significant books in the history of the world, and obviously integral to the world of Christianity. 
The daily schedule meant that I felt compelled to read every day, otherwise I'd get too far behind. 
It was better than last time, which had me reading from a different book each day, coming back to where I left off every 7 days. 
The bad
The daily reading was about 15-20 minutes, which isn't easy to do on a daily basis. 
The schedule got monotonous after a few months, and it quickly became a thing I did just to get it done. 
Reading via a set schedule missed the point of it:  To develop a closer relationship with God by learning more about him through his word. 
In the future
Chronological.  The books and events aren't organized in the order of occurrence, and there are reading guides and specific chronological Bibles that put everything in proper time order. 
Next up, I'm doing a nice simple little daily devotional.  I haven't decided what it'll be yet, but I know I need a break from the norm.