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Scattered Tue, Oct 31, 2006
Sometimes when I'm writing things here, I feel very mentally scattered.  I usually have some idea of what I'd like to write about, and I usually have two or three points that support the idea.  But sometimes the points don't all make sense or relate to the main idea, and other times I can't quite get the points organized in a coherent way.  So I either end up writing things down in an almost stream-of-consciousness spill, or I toy with wordings and organization for hours before finally settling for mediocrity.  Even writing this post has proven to be a pretty laborious process.  It's weird how some things just come out so naturally, whereas others require more thought and effort.  Most times, if a post takes more than a few minutes to write, it exponentially reduces in quality until the point where I click "Publish" just so I can move onto something else.  And if I happen to get distracted in the middle of writing (it's virtually impossible for me to not get distracted), it usually makes the writing process even more difficult.  I usually get pretty scattered with planned posting. #psychology

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