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Vimo Mon, Oct 30, 2006
Vimo is a site that specializes in "comparison shopping for health".  While I'm not interested in shopping for health insurance, I am interested in the site's other function:  Rating doctors and dentists.  I have an opinion about most things, and my horrible experiences at doctors' and dentists' offices are certainly no exception.  I reviewed one of my doctors here and one of my dentists here.  By far, my biggest complaint of these people (except my current dentist) is their amount of disrespect for my time.  Here I am, a healthy person taking time out of my day for a voluntary physical checkup, paying these people so that I can sit around in the waiting room.  And then after I sit around in the waiting room, I sit around in the smaller waiting room in only my underwear.  Jerry Seinfeld was right:  "There's no chance of not waiting.  That's the name of the room."  But anyway, Vimo is a pretty easy-to-use site and it's good to be able to see what people think about a doctor or dentist before scheduling an appointment.  The only bad part about the site is that you have to register in order to submit reviews.  But they only ask for your name and email address, so it's not too bad.  On the plus side, reviews can be submitted as "Anonymous" in case you don't want the health care mafia knocking at your door. 

This is a sponsored post. #health

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