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Food to go (2) Wed, Oct 25, 2006
I'm a huge fan of food to go.  Things like Outback's Curbside Take-Away and Chili's To Go were invented for people like me for three reasons:
1.  No drinks means it's a cheaper meal.  It's not that I'm that cheap (though I am cheap to some extent).  It's just that I have trouble spending more than I need to on some cheap fluids.  I could bring a whole bottle of soda to a restaurant and quench the thirst of 5 people for the same price I'd be charged for a single drink.  And that's just soda; it's even worse when it comes to alcohol. 

2.  It's ready when you get there.  There's no need for reservations, waiting for a table, waiting to order food, waiting for it to get there, or waiting for the check.  You just call ahead and show up when it's ready. 

3.  There's no tipping when there's no service.  This is the best part.  Again, it's not that I'm that cheap.  It's just that I don't feel the need to pay somebody a percentage of the price of my food just because they brought it to me.  I'd be more than willing to take my own order, march back to the chef, ask for my food the way I like it, and then pick it up when it's done.  Heck, I'd even be willing to bring my dirty dishes back to the kitchen. 
If I can get the same food for less money, in less time, and with no tip, I'm more than content. #food

Shara Thu, Oct 26, 2006
Do you tip the curbside take-away person when they bring it out to your car?

Dave Thu, Oct 26, 2006
I suppose I would tip out of obligation if they brought food to me.  But I always go in the building to get my food, so it's like I'm ordering it from a place like Subway (where I don't tip).

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