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Time measurement (4) Thu, Sep 28, 2006
I have an utter inability to comprehend quantities of time that are measured in improper units.  When somebody says, "My baby is 56 weeks old," I can't even begin to figure out what that means in normal people terms.  56 weeks?  If there are usually 4 weeks in a month, that means there are like ... 12 months in a year ... 12 divided by 4 ... 24 hours in a day ... I give up. 

I saw a commercial on TV the other day that talked about a 96 hour sale.  What?  How many weeks is that?  I know there are 24 hours in a day, but 96 isn't an obvious product of 24 (to me anyway).  I get 24.  I get 48.  But after that, I start to lose it. 

Most financial loans are measured in months.  My 5-year car loan says I'm on month 33.  My 30-year mortgage says I'm on month 345.  What does that mean?  How many years is that? #technology

wendy Wed, Oct 04, 2006
Amen brother man, amen.

However, I learned/realized recently that pregnancy is 40 weeks.
40 weeks * (1 month/4 weeks) = 10 months

Although we have all been led to believe it's only 9 months. So I went back to math (fact) again:
40 weeks * (7 days/1 week) * (30 days/1 mont) = 9.33 months

Now that makes more sense...and makes me feel better...being that I am a woman who hopes to carry a baby at some (distant) point in the future.

kripa Wed, Oct 04, 2006
this confirms your quiz.  although i believe you are 100% Pure Nerd

wendy Thu, Oct 05, 2006
i thought u were my friend...

kripa Thu, Oct 05, 2006
it came from the heart (hugs)

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