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StickyKeys, FilterKeys, ToggleKeys Wed, Sep 27, 2006
If you're like me, you hate a lot of inanimate things.  One of the things I hate is when my computer does things I don't tell it to do.  For example, every new installation of Windows XP comes with the accessibility options "StickyKeys", "FilterKeys", and "ToggleKeys" enabled.  These are completely stupid and useless features that pop up a dialog box when the user holds down the shift key for more than 8 seconds or makes some other sort of strange keyboard entry.  In my opinion, these "features" shouldn't be enabled by default.  You say, "They're easy to turn off, you idiot," but I say, "Check again".  The Accessibility Options Control Panel applet show 3 unchecked check boxes, which tells me that these functions are disabled.  Wrong!  Try again.  Those checkboxes mean nothing apparently, because the real functionality is enabled or disabled by clicking on the Settings button for each function and unchecking the "Use shortcut" box.  I find it annoyingly ironic that the "Accessibility" features of Windows aren't very "accessible". 

So anyway, here's the solution.  Download this registry file (via Joho).  Double-click on it (or open it) and say yes to adding it to your registry.  Now, reset or logoff/logon your computer.  Everything should work now.  Obviously, you could just manually disable each of the accessibility functions (without resetting), but this is another way to do it. #technology

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