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Jeremy Shockey (2) Tue, Sep 26, 2006
To people in the New York area, "Jeremy Shockey" is a recognizable name.  He's a tattooed, showy, emotional tight end for the New York Giants.  I'll ask the question we're all dying to ask:  "What's your problem, man?"  Every play of the game seems to offend you or go against you in some way or another.  Did you think you should've gotten that pass?  Should the refs have thrown a flag?  Were you being held or blocked in the back?  Did you think Eli should've seen that you were wide open?  After you got tackled, did you feel like you were being held down for too long?  Do you think everybody's against you?  Were you mad that when you finally got a pass, it wasn't thrown exactly where you wanted it?  Do you hate your quarterback for being too timid?  Do you hate your coaching staff for being ignorant?  What's the deal? 

Honestly, I'd really like to know what this guy's problem is.  I'd like to get a microphone hooked up to his helmet to hear what he's saying, because I honestly have no idea.  He's constantly mad at everything, even when there's nothing to be mad about.  In his defense he says, "I let my emotions get to me at times".  At times?  How about every time.  How about all the time.  Constantly.  Never ending.  Without fail.  Ad nauseam.  If you know your emotions often get the best of you, do something about it.  Prevent it.  Drink a cup of tea.  Punch a punching bag.  Read the comics.  Letting your emotions spill out all over the football field is obviously doing nothing for your team. 

Just to set the record straight, I'm "officially" an Eagles fan, though I'm very admittedly a fair-weather fan.  Since Eagles games aren't regularly on TV in the New York area, I'm forced to watch Giants games.  Hence, I'm a Giants fan while sitting on my couch on Sundays.  Also, when the Eagles are doing bad, I magically become more of a Giants fan.  And when the Giants do bad, I become more of an Eagles fan.  Right now I'm leaning towards the Eagles. #sports

wendy Wed, Sep 27, 2006
To be honest, I used to think like this (a few days ago) and possibly still think like this at times. I thought Shockey had an attitude problem. I wouldn't wear his jersey, but a talk show brought up a good point. Who wants to see there team's players smiling after almost getting their butts whooped 42-3? I don't. That would enrage me even more. I want to know he cares and that he wants to win. I don't know that you want to change that. You can't take his heart away, but he could probably use a bit of humility.

In his defense, I do think Eli needs to get him the ball a bit more often. His heart can inspire others...look at New Orleans - emotion won that game.

Dave Wed, Sep 27, 2006
I'm not talking about Jeremy Shockey's post-game attitude.  I'm talking about his in-game attitude in every play of every game.  Whether the Giants are winning or losing, doing well or playing like a bunch of nancies, Jeremy Shockey's attitude problem is evident.  I wouldn't mind if his post-game emotions showed that he was mad about losing.  But I don't think he's concerned with winning and losing as much as with being the "standout player" and making the "big play".

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