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Paying for internet Mon, May 29, 2006
Building off my previous post, I have to agree with Jason Kottke's post on paying for hotel internet access (link to New York Times article).  I think this is another case of self-perpetuation.  Money is needed in order to pay for the money-collecting mechanism. 

Why do hotels charge money for internet access?  Considering the fact that something like 97% of the people that stay in hotels on any given night are business travelers, shouldn't hotels offer business tools?  And even if they're not business travelers, should normal people be paying the extra $9.95 per day to be able to access the internet when they're already paying $100-$150 to sleep in a bed and use a bathroom?  It wouldn't be that bad if the cost was included in the price of the room.  I'm already paying $100 to sleep in a mediocre bed; go ahead and charge me $110 but include the internet connection in the price.  My company won't reimburse me for an internet connection fee.  They won't care about a more expensive room. #technology

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