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Ladies Against Feminism (3) Thu, Feb 23, 2006
Ladies Against Feminism is a site full of women-authored articles that go against feminism.  It's written from a very conservative Christian perspective, which is a nice change from the norm.  It's also cool that this site probably offends people.  I sort of like when people are offended. #religion

Windows XP zip (5) Thu, Feb 23, 2006
I'm amazed that people who use Windows XP still use products like WinZip, 7-Zip, and other file compression utilities.  Windows XP comes pre-installed with the capability to zip files from the right-click menu.  Just right-click on the file, click on Send To, and click on Compressed (zipped) Folder.  That's it.  Get rid of WinZip and those other stupid programs that cost money. 

The one thing Windows still lacks is the ability to open RAR, TAR, and GZ files.  That's where something like WinRAR comes in. #technology