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Packing up early (6) Mon, Feb 06, 2006
I have this thing.  Maybe it's because I'm a geek.  Yeah that's probably it.  Or maybe it's because I've been on the receiving end.  The thing is:  I get a little angry when people pack up early.  Like in class when it's almost time to leave and people put their books away and put on their jackets.  I'm not usually a courteous person, but would it be that hard to show a little courtesy and just wait 2 more minutes until the professor's done?  Do you think you're saving time by putting on your jacket?  Do you think you can make all kinds of noise and not disturb the other people in the room?  Some people are trying to learn.  Actually, I'm usually not trying to learn.  And I'm usually not paying attention.  But at least I sit there quietly and don't cause a commotion. 

Or in church or Bible studies when people close their books and put their pens away.  Here's what that says:  "I'm no longer listening.  I'm done.  As soon as you stop talking, I can leave.  Nothing you say after this point will be remembered.  You're wasting your time."  Can't you just wait?  I feel like a mom here again:  "Have patience, dear!"  Just sit there and wait until it's over.  Gosh! #psychology

Day after Mon, Feb 06, 2006
White Castle has a petition on their website that's a suggestion to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday.  Their reasoning is solid:  1.4 million employed adults call in sick.  More people go to Super Bowl parties than New Year's Eve parties.  "Play Sunday.  Rest Monday.  That's our angle, dig?"  I'm feeling it. #sports

Unblocked (1) Mon, Feb 06, 2006
I can't believe this.  I'm not sure what changed or what I did to get around it, but I'm apparently no longer blocked from accessing my site while at work.  This is amazing news.  It's odd that it came on the exact same day that I started my new job (same place, different division), but oh well.  My website is more important than work.  Wait, is that wrong? #technology