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Air guitar Mon, Jan 30, 2006
Helsinki University of Technology's Air Guitar Project enables any idiot with two hands to be a rockstar.  This is how it works:  "You pull on a pair of orange gloves, press the start pedal, and rock on. Take a playing pose as if you were holding an imaginary guitar - left hand on the guitar's neck, and right hand near your hip."  Like any air guitar idiot, you just move your hands around as if you knew how to play the guitar.  And the good thing is that "You can't play any 'wrong' chords here - they have been pre-selected for you, but it doesn't seem limiting at all. After all, it may only be 4 chords, but that's exactly how many you need to play Smoke on the Water."  As their site says, "Playing air guitar is like playing rock guitar, only without an actual instrument, or musical skills...All you need is a pair of orange gloves and a rock'n'roll attitude."  Well said.  (via News of the Weird) #entertainment

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