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Harry Potter Jelly Beans Sat, Dec 31, 2005
My sister used to live in California near San Francisco and Sacramento.  Jelly Belly has a factory around there, and we went there for a tour.  After the tour, we walked through the gift shop and bought a few packages of Jelly Beans, two of which were boxes of Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.  It was some sort of promotional thing for Harry Potter, so it was geared toward kids.  The flavor guide is on the back of each package.  We bought a couple boxes because we didn't believe they could make candy that tasted like black pepper, booger, dirt, ear wax, grass, sardine, spinach, or vomit. 

Sure enough, they did.  If you're ever eaten some grass because you wanted to see what it tasted like, you'd recognize the taste of grass-flavored Jelly Beans.  And if you've ever played around in the dirt and gotten some in your mouth, you'd be amazed at how much it tastes like dirt-flavored Jelly Beans. 

I had a little box of these things in my desk at school for about a year, thinking I'd get used to the taste.  I would take out the box every once in a while and eat one, bringing myself close to puking and putting the box away in anger and disgust.  One time I ate a sardine-flavored one.  That was my last one.  I threw the box out.  I couldn't believe they made a candy that's that disgusting. 

Interesting side note:  Check out the Jelly Belly Bean Art Gallery. #food

Silly putty Sat, Dec 31, 2005
Silly putty has been in the geek news recently because some Google employees bought 250 lbs of it to see what 250 lbs of silly putty looked like.  Now a video popped up showing what happens when you drop a 50-lb ball of it off the roof of a building.  Geeks are awesome. #science