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Brutally honest (1) Tue, Dec 20, 2005
I really love it when people are brutally honest.  I walked into church on Sunday morning after a painful Saturday (consisting of ripping out an old window, installing a new window, and getting my hands ripped apart in the process, all the while fighting a nice little cold), and somebody said, "Did you wake up any more than 20 minutes ago?"  Ah, honesty.  Sure, it was called-for.  I looked tired.  I was tired.  But did that person really need to say that?  It's like calling a fat person fat, or making a joke about an old person's age.  Give me a friggin' break. #psychology

Payal Wed, Dec 26, 2007
oh you like that? my supervisor used to tell me.. "what happened to you, you look like s**t" all the time.. when i've not had enough sleep. This moron doesn't know how to spell professional.

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